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Clarity. Brevity. Conviction.

100 year old brand.

My Granny used it.

My Mum uses it.

I don’t.

Our recommendation…A brand with such ubiquity and heritage is often misunderstood. Tackle the naysayers head on. Give the “yeah but it’s not for me” types something to re appraise. Drive renewed brand and product relevance by creating a youthful and modern narrative.

Pose a question. Put some tension in it. Create debate. Ask the experts. Get the Nation’s women involved. Directly. Let them tell their stories. Let them show us what it means to them. Then play out the results. TTL. Obviously.

Driving re-appraisal

Diamond Jubilee & home Olympics. Bunting everywhere.

No better time to be British.

But, no role for the UK’s no.1 lager.

Our recommendation…A brand with ‘Britishness’ as its cornerstone must be visible. It mustn’t look like it’s jumping on any bandwagon because it doesn’t have an official role. Take ownership of celebrations, sample far and wide, make sure for every ‘cheers’ there’s a Carling. Set up a partnership with “The Big Lunch” – the Jubilee party organisers. Offer every street party in the land free booze. Genius! Use the activity to drive massive noise online, dominate social media, use every courier firm in the UK (and Poland!) to distribute £2m worth of samples. Placing Carling at the heart of the celebrations. Nurofen, anyone?

Driving trial and re-appraisal

New Brand.

New Segment.

New Format.

No Customers.

Our recommendation…Survive the first 18 months by justifying listings and facings through selling lots, profitably. And because everything’s new no one knows what it is so hold the fancy-smanchy creative.

Show me what it looks like, tell me what it is and demonstrate how it works. TTL. So we did.

NPD launch


West Africa.

Cocoa Supply Chain.

First Global CSV Initiative.


Our recommendation…proceed with extreme caution. Create a long term programme that establishes the problems, approaches to the solutions and the brand’s role. Build on proprietary capability, embrace 3rd parties, stakeholders and NGOs. Avoid quick wins and green wash. Tell people about it. Convincingly.

Write a plan. Write the journey story. Avoid goals and the big FMCG sell. Build an online repository of all activity. Launch at the UN. Promote TTL. Launch in UK. Then Germany, Australia, Japan and Brazil. Do the same again. For Nescafé, please.

Corporate social responsibility


It’s all the same.

A dull category.

Customers losing faith.

Our recommendation…Leverage the relaunch of Aquafresh’s most successful ad and underpin it with a superior taste claim to overcome low engagement and choice complexity. Bring this to life through a complete path to purchase across all key accounts to remind customers and shoppers about why Aquafresh has been loved by families for decades.

Provide unmissable visibility on the way into store through the emotive ‘Billy Boy’ family icons and convince at fixture with a compelling RTB.

Driving re-appraisal


All the same.

Frozen are worst.

BOGOF is the RTB.

Our recommendation…A low involvement grocery brand with little difference perceived by customers and consumers needs a unique difference bought to life for our customers and consumers.

Be ruthlessly single minded. Provide real reasons to believe. Sell the USP and the increased RRP. Shout it proud. Grow the category while you’re at it. Repeat. For 6 years. TTL.

Driving more penetration

We’re very proud to work as partners with these brand owners…our relationships with their brands’ are contractual, and the majority retained. We work at the personal side of things too, consequently we’ve never lost a client.

“We have been working with LIFE now for over a year, and have been delighted with their performance, as well as how they have seamlessly integrated into the brand teams and broader organisation. We appointed LIFE as their willingness to challenge our perceptions and thinking really resonated with the senior team here, and some great activity has been activated as a result”.

Ali Pickering, Brand Director, Molson Coors Brewing Company

“When LIFE responded to our brief, we were not only impressed with the creativity of the ideas, but also how they were rooted in true consumer insights and translated into a clear strategy. This combination of creativity, strategy and insight ensured the award winning activity we created engaged our consumers and delivered against our objectives.”

Graham Taylor, UK Marketing Controller, Beiersdorf

“My objective is to drive pace and change into Nestlé’s UK Marketing. I have appointed LIFE because their attitude and approach suits my remit. They understand what it takes to get the difficult and critical stuff done.”

Vernon Bradley, Marketing Director, Nestlé UK

“The LIFE Team blend a deep category & industry understanding with a rich level of strategic thinking into our planning cycle, across our Shopper and Brand teams. They have immersed themselves in understanding the GSK marketing framework and proactively seek to find new ways to shift consumer behaviours. We see them as an integral member of the ‘team’ and benefit from challenging ourselves collectively. Brilliant people to work with and top-notch creative concepts.”

Susanne Judd, Marketing Controller, GSK

“They get what we are trying to do with the category and with our brands and bring a real understanding of retail and of FMCG… They are not frightened to challenge our thinking and introduce new ideas which helps us make our business better, a rare combination in an agency partner”.

James Mills, European Category Leadership Director, MARS Foods

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